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Farmer Business Developments plc - FBDplc


First, go to
The put Farmer Business Developments plc in the "company" box.
Then Click "register" to register.

You need your IVC code. This is a number you will see below the barcode on your AGM voting form, usually 11 digits.

Put this in the IVC box. Then either tick "I do not have a postcode" or, ONLY if the Company has your postcode, put it in.
Then your First Name, then your Surname

Next, make a username you will easily remember,
and a password that you will remember too, (it may help to write these down now in some place where you can get them again)
and finally an 8+ letter word that means something special to you. (you can set up a clue for yourself for this word)

Next, add an email address for yourself, and then choose what way you would like future notices, Reports and Voting forms from FBDplc - email for everything, Post for everything, or a Postal note to say your notices can be viewed online.

ONCE REGISTERED - go to the "Manage Your Account" button
Click to bring up "Online Voting"
Then keep clicking, passed the "proxy" stage, and Vote !!!

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FBDplc - Farmer Business Developments PLC